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Irina Ruban, 31 y.o. Dnipro

Anastasiia arrived in Gdansk by herself. Her mother, grandfather and brother, who is a soldier in Armed Forces of Ukraine, brother’s fiancée and Anastasiia’s dogs stayed at home.

“When we were crossing the border, I wanted to fall on my knees and break down crying. I had no desire to leave Ukraine”.

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34 years old, Dnipro (Ukraine)

Irina Ruban

Came to Gdansk with daughters, Vera and Masha. Her husband, relatives and cat Keksik stayed at home.

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"Here is this thing - be afraid of your desires. I wanted to change jobs, my team, and the field of activity. I wanted to change the school for children, my lifestyle. My husband and I also quarreled and at some point thought of getting divorced, but then everything was fine. But all these wishes came true: I am here without my husband, the children have changed schools, I am going to another job in another country and other things."

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Czym się zajmowałaś przed 24.02?

Pracowałam jako manicurzystka na jednym z luksusowych osiedli Dniepra i robiłam kurs z SMM. Zamierzałam zmienić rodzaj działalności...



What did you do before the 24th of February ?

I worked as a master of manicure in one of the elite areas of Dnipro and completed a course on SMM. I planned to change my sphere of work...


Чим ти займалася до 24.02?

Працювала майстром манікюру в одному з елітних районів Дніпра і закінчувала курс по СММ. Планувала змінити діяльність...

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