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The photo project "YA TAKA BRAVE" is touching portraits-stories of 12 strong women, who had to go through the difficult path of forced evacuation from their homeland Ukraine to friendly Poland due to the hostile aggression of the Russian Federation.

mission of the  project  

2022-07-07 17_edited.jpg

To show that women are not alone in their life circumstances.

All stories are different but have so much in common at their core. And each woman can find something very special in these stories.

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To show that Ukrainian women are united, even though they were forced to seek refuge in different parts of the world.

Leaving their lives behind, they bravely set out for an unknown future, taking along the most valuable things that fit in the suitcase. With their bold actions, they prove that they are capable of anything for the sake of security.

2022-07-07 17.22_edited.jpg

To show that Ukrainian women have found the strength to continue living.

Because they have the global goal of preserving the Ukrainian nation.


Project "YA TAKA BRAVE" participants are like phoenixes who came out of hell, saving themselves, their family and the future of Ukraine - their children.

The photo project was exhibited twice in the Polish city of Gdansk

In the cultural center of Gdansk and in the center of the International Lutheran Federation.

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