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Before the full-scale war on February 24, 2022, YA TAKA was only one social program in Ukraine with the aim of transforming women 60+

The heroines of each episode were six women 60+ who changed the role of "stay-at-home old ladies" to the role of professional models

Over a period of two months, project partners specializing in beauty, style, and mental development worked together to assist women in transforming their lives


a woman's happiness always retains its youthful
glow in her eyes

DSC_1825 — копия.jpg


Our aim is to help mature women achieve their beauty aspirations by teaching them the art of inner and outer transformation. By doing so, we hope to dispel fears about aging not only among the older generation but also among the younger ones and adults


Through the experiences of our participants, we demonstrate that there's no need to feel ashamed of wanting to be beautiful, and that you don't have to hide your beauty dreams away in a distant box

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Bringing moments of genuine happiness to a woman is akin to giving her youth. It's the feeling of being replete with oneself, alive, and energetic, irrespective of the date of birth on one's passport

women from the episodes

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